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Weekly Meditation Gathering

A gentle, guided drop-in session open to all. This gathering explores a wide range of practices — each session is created to suit the moment and those present. The way we practice sees meditation as an innate human capacity, recognizing that our minds are made for curiosity and wonder, and making space to fall naturally into states of contemplation, rest, and reverie for integration and creation. This practice is amenable to busy minds and is trauma-aware: choice, grounding, exploration of somatic experience, and thoughtful self-regulation are steady threads.

This event is given freely; your choice to donate supports my ability to share teaching in widely-accessible formats. Thank you!

Weekly Newsletter

closeup shot of a racoon's face with a cedar branch draped over their forehead

Lovingkindness as the Ground of Being

May 29, 2024 — Beloved friends, Spring is afoot in the forest and this little charmer has been coming by to nom at our birdfeeders in the afternoons; we're thinking it's likely a nursing mother with kits nearby. There is a family of rabbits in the rosemary; their little kit

A grove of trees with stones and plants and a shell path winding through

Sprawling Through Time

May 7, 2024 — Perhaps the thing I love most about this path is that it will take years to complete. It will be imperfect and partial, an intention in progress, for a long, long time.

Dahlia with her hair down, smiling

Dahlia in SF May 11 & 13

May 2, 2024 — I'll be offering private sessions in SF Saturday May 11 & Monday May 13. Connecting in person is such a precious experience; I'd love to get my hands and knees on you, meditate with you, or sit and talk about where things are at with your life.

Tulips in wide blossom just before they drop their petals

To Kiss the Rice

Apr 25, 2024 — As I walked outside and saw the fresh green shoots rising from earth and from branches, I wondered: what if I think of that rising green as love? What if it IS? The green creatures surely adore the springtime; how good must it be to flower and leaf after winter?

blue sky ringed by clouds, clouds ringed by trees

The Fire is Love

Apr 19, 2024 — ...someone else said, "Oh my God, I literally might not need therapy ever again if I just do this everyday!!" We are fire, friends, and all the fire is love.

A forest, lush with mosses, lichens, ferns, evergreens, and fresh budding leaves.

New Offerings for Spring

Apr 11, 2024 — The flowering trees are in blossom in places where they have been planted. I'm eagerly awaiting the blossom of the little lilac beside my temple door. In this spirit of spring blossom I have several new events to share with you.

A basket full of vibrant nettles in the foreground; a pair of books open behind them.

A Fresh Lens on Anger

Apr 3, 2024 — I've long known that anger is a response to wounding, an energy that arises in response to hurt. The thing somehow struck me anew seems like it must be commonly known and yet it feels so surprising to me right now: the goal of anger is safety.

full moon among the clouds

To Give and Give Again

Mar 28, 2024 — "That is the fundamental nature of gifts: they move, and their value increases with their passage. The fields made a gift of berries to us and we made a gift of them to our father. The more something is shared, the greater its value becomes." This passage came to life for me this week.

a tree whose branches are heavy with blossoms

Belonging to Spring

Mar 19, 2024 — Suddenly, in the corner of my eye I caught a hummingbird sitting perfectly still on the nectar feeder just 3 feet to my left. I wondered a moment and then realized that they, too, were watching the dawn.

Bald eagle in flight

Eagle Season

Mar 12, 2024 — Building a bridge from the sudden, cultural change of the light-and-darkness to the slower, cosmic change of the light-and-darkness can bring a hint of gentleness and sacredness to this transitional week.

Snow covered forest and dawn sky

In Like a Lion

Mar 5, 2024 — Welcome to We Are Beloved, the newest incarnation of my newsletter. My aim is to offer resources that support you in whole-hearted living.

A small stream with tumbling waterfalls surrounded by lush mossy rocks, ferns, and trees.

Taking the plunge & my new website!

Feb 27, 2024 — I'm over the moon to be hanging out my shingle and throwing my arms wide to the world once again. Welcome. I hope to spend time with you soon!

A tulip; stems and leaves in the background, blossom held tenderly in Dahlia's palm in the foreground.

Lovingkindness Begins Next Week

Feb 23, 2024 — The greatest salve and spark anyone knows is love. It lights our way toward one another in both joy and sorrow. Love meets us in wholeness: in our hope, our celebration, our grief, our wishes for better things for everyone.

Image shows my hand holding open a hardcover copy of Braiding Sweetgrass

Braiding with Life

Feb 15, 2024 — It was so good to wander and wonder and heal, and oh, it is so good to be home! I am filled with awe and reverence for the opportunity to watch the cycle of the life of the Earth for a year again in the same place. The violet blue swallows who nest in our eaves should be returning soon.

My Bookshop is Open and Oh, the Interstitium!

My Bookshop is Open and Oh, the Interstitium!

Feb 8, 2024 — We are a community centered around thoughtful, curious, living presence, and books are an incredible way to share those. I am constantly recommending the books that help shape my thoughts and which I think might sparkle for you.