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Reclaiming Your Attention

A course about adjusting the flow of energy and time

A course about the flow of your energy and time
Nov 6 – Dec 18, 2023

This 6 week course is designed to support you in adjusting the flow of energy and time through your life, particularly in reclaiming your attention from screens. You might choose to adjust how you engage with the phone or game console; with social, news, or entertainment media. To harmonize with this intention, the course is designed in a flexible way, offering a menu of supportive components from which you can choose the resources that feel right for you.

After the first round of this course, Bethany said:

It'll be hard to let this go. This is the first time I've participated in this sort of group experience. It was so helpful to read about what other folks' were going through! I loved hearing about your wins and was frequently inspired by your ideas! I also appreciated hearing about the hard times, it helped me feel not alone.
I especially cherish your responses, Dahlia, they've really opened my eyes about new ways to think, react and feel.

While our time together was ostensibly about reclaiming our attention, the act of bringing attention to what I was spending my time on made me think about what I wanted to be doing overall.

Your menu of supportive options includes:

Support Pods

Both research and human experience show us that social support is incredibly useful to people in creating followthrough on positive intentions. You’ll belong to a small pod of just 3-4 people in sharing this experience. If you are signing up with folks you know, I will do my best to honor requests for pod buddies.

Weekly Sharing Circles

The heart of the pod is its weekly Sharing Circle. Each week you’ll get an invitation from me to participate in this circle. We each do this by email so that each person is able to write and read at a time that suits the flow of their own daily life. Your weekly post can be about absolutely anything you feel moved to write about, and I’ll offer simple suggestions of topics/questions as starting points to riff on in case that feels useful! Often new folks are a little nervous about this, but by the end, folks are almost universally thrilled with the experience of sharing conversation, inspiration, success and struggle. Being witnessed, learning and growing together, is deeply validating.

Some pods choose to speak in just the weekly Sharing Circle to keep it simple; others enjoy conversing throughout the week. If there is casual chat, it’ll be clearly separated from the Sharing Circle so that it is easy to choose how to invest your time in these conversations to suit your needs. While everything is optional, I will strongly encourage you to participate in these Circles, which are the heart of the experience for most people. You’ll have a window of several days to write your post and you can share much or as little as serves your personal process.

Two Personal Written Coaching Letters From Dahlia

You have the option of receiving a personalized reply to your Weekly Circle post from me two times. These replies are sent to your pod, so that all members of your pod get to learn from seeing how I offer loving support, reflection, encouragement, coaching, and teaching to each person. Chances are something one person is working on will be useful for everyone else at some point! People have told me that these replies can be life-changing and are sometimes cherished for years. The heart of my own spiritual practice is unconditional love, and I will shine this upon you to the best of my ability in offering you support, teaching, and advice as you wish – you can specify what you are open to hearing from you about, and if you want to hear from me at all. Your reply could also be private if you prefer, but honestly, that has almost never been requested once folks see the replies I’m writing to others.

Jessie Raeder said:

The kindness and love you put out so consistently, and the acceptance of where we all might be - it is consistently remarkable and I feel it deeply and it gives me something beautiful to strive towards. Thank you again.

1:1 Time Live with Dahlia

Each person gets an hour to spend with me one on one. We can speak by phone or video chat. You can break that down however you like: a single 1 hour session, 2 half hour sessions, 3 minute sessions. That time can be used however you wish. We can engage in conversation. I can offer you spiritual counsel. You could ask me to lead you in meditation, self-massage, deep relaxation, guided imagery or inquiry work.

You can also use this 1:1 time to have me make a recording for you to use later of any of the other practices listed above. Recordings are a little different since I have to listen to them again in order to process and edit them; a recording costs 2.5x its’ length, so a 10 minute guided meditation uses 30 minutes of your time with me. Of course if you want more 1:1 time with me, you can always simply ask for that a la carte, as you might hire me at any time! My rate for private sessions is a wide sliding scale of $60-150/hr.

Group Zoom sessions

We will have two group Zoom gatherings for sharing a bit of practice (which could be self-massage, deep relaxation, or meditation) and conversation with everyone in all of the pods. There will be an opening Zoom for this group Sunday, November 13 from 5-6:30pm Pacific Time (UTC-8) and Tuesday November 15 5-6:30pm Pacific Time (UTC-8). If you can make one: AWESOME! If you can’t or don’t want to, NO PROBLEM! If you want to come to both, feel free!

Weekly Teaching

I will offer a weekly email with inspiration and teaching, a mixture of science and practical wisdom, to encourage and inspire you. There is a lot of great thought about how we live with our attention these days and I’m really enjoying gathering materials to share with you! There will be book suggestions, poetry, and my own personal wisdom shared from my 27 years of experience supporting people in living well.

Community Resource List

There will be a doc with lists of tools and habits that other folks have found useful in this work from which to gather inspiration and to which you may add. It will be seeded with contributions from folks in the first round of the course and you’ll have the option to add to it as our experience flows along together.