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a closeup of four wrists, each with the word ONE tattooed on it
We Are Beloved

Four Times One & New Year's Resolution Support!

Jan 10, 2024

Beloved friends, 

I usually take care not to repeat an image between this newsletter and my social media, as I wish for the images to feel fresh and inviting, to call you in. This one, however, is simply too precious and wonderful not to share everywhere I can. Me, Leah Kennedy, and Todd Davis, kindly captured by Lucie Moses when I was in San Francisco in December.

Story: My first tattoo was a small iris which I got on the back of my right shoulder, carefully positioned so that I didn't have to see it if I didn't like it. I loved it, and so for my second tattoo wanted it on my wrist where I could see it all the time. I wanted it to be something that would remind me forever of my ethics, to be kind to everyone. I chose the word ONE, to encapsulate my belief that we are all part of the dancing body of the cosmos, all part of the sacred whole of the life of the universe, and that I should be kind to everyone.

Years later, my friend Todd asked if I minded if he got a very similar tattoo, but with his own twist. If you came to the classes that I taught at 66 Sanchez for many years, it's likely that you met Todd, who used to open the door for y'all on Monday nights as I biked across town to you from the class just before that. He's now a chaplain! I adore him. His idea was so beautiful: one on the left side, like mine, and with also the mirror of it on his right side, so that when he brings his hands together in prayer, they echo each other and become one.

Years later still, my sweet friend Leah Kennedy, to whom I referred many of you for massage over the years when that was her work, shared with me that she was thinking hard about a tattoo. It was during these recent years of revolution, of a greater movement toward equality for LGBTQA+ folks and the glorious Black Lives Matter movement, and she wanted something that said she valued freedom and equality for all people. I said that this felt akin with what my tattoo meant to me, and that she was welcome to join Todd and I if that felt right for her, and I was so honored and delighted when she decided to join us.

Recently we were all in the same place and able to capture this wonderful image, which I cherish deeply. May you feel precious, part of the sacred whole that is life, and valued in your exact you-ness, whatever that may be.

Great love, 
Dahlia - she/her

New Events

January Refresher Support Circle

Jan 12 - Feb 10, $225-350
This small, thoughtful group will aim to support you in whatever your intentions may be living well in the new year. I am overjoyed to be living steadily in one place with energy to devote to change and personally, I've got the longest list of intentions I've ever worked with, HA! Dry January is in there, and not taking my phone to the bedroom at night anymore (oh, the improvements to my sleep!) and a few other things. The offering has two components: a one hour 1:1 session with me to discuss and support your intentions, and a weekly support circle in written form. (If you'd done this with me before, we're using Google docs instead of email now and it's soooo much smoother and less drag on your inbox!) You are welcome to bring whatever intentions you may have for your own life in this time of renewal!


Valentine's Day to Beltane, Feb 14 - May 1My next meditation course will have one simple topic, on which we will go deep: the cultivation and expression of lovingkindess. Accessible for folks new to meditation and those continuing ongoing work with me. Details coming soon!


Ultimate Truth

This 40 second snippet from Pete Holmes, about which I know absolutely nothing other than this 40 seconds, contains, quite sincerely, the best definition of God that I have ever heard. It comes, he says, from the road manager for AC/DC. I will likely repeat this for the rest of my life. Do not miss!

Aging Gloriously

I am thinking a lot these days about aging, and in that light I'm quite enjoying Sari Botton's Oldster Magazine, to which I was introduced by the responses of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of "Eat, Pray, Love" and "Big Magic", to Oldster's questionnaire. I never fully align with this widely-loved author, but I find her an interesting and thought-provoking person here as always.

Oh, the Subversion!

Did you know that there was a collective of conception artists smuggling political messages onto Melrose Place? Messages about abortion and the AIDS crisis? I don't think I've seen a single episode of that show, but it was wildly popular, deeply mainstream, and I am utterly delighted to read years later about this subversive art project. I learned about In The Name of the Place through a really enjoyable article on Slate. If you've passed your number of free articles on Slate this month, you can see this using an incognito window in your browser.

Viral Aid